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Microsoft Dynamics SMS integration

Send SMS from Microsoft Dynamics using XRM Consultancy

Microsoft Dynamics CRM software offers users the ability to build upon contact relationships directly from their system and thanks to our partnership with XRM consultancy this now includes SMS as well.

Get up and running in minutes. Here’s what you can expect from integrating with Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Full-service Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultancy
  • Superior deliverability - Experience an increase in engagement and higher revenue with high deliverability rates.
  • Unrivalled performance - Your messages are sent directly through all the UK's network providers.
  • Personalised communication - Target customers more effectively by reaching them on their mobile device.
  • Send appointment reminders - Arrange meetings and schedule reminders to clients.
  • Promotional messages - Maintain a database of opted-in clients contacts for all your marketing campaigns.
  • Billing reminders - With connected billing management you can send SMS alerts for accounts requiring payment.
  • Security validation - Qualify accounts by sending codes via text message that they can enter on your site to gain access.
  • Data capture/confirmation - Know your audience, use SMS to send surveys and collect feedback from your customers and clients.

To integrate Esendex to do any of the above you will need to visit XRM Consultancy.

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